How to Buy Oolong Tea Bags

If you want to enjoy oolong Tea Bags, you can buy them in tea bags! It’s convenient on the go and will never ruin your schedule! Drink it after every meal, no matter where you are, even if you are waiting for a friend, don’t forget your hot water to drink.

Oolong tea bags have the same polyphenols as the second line of Oolong tea. It is package in little tea bags so people can drink its powerful polyphenols on the go.

Oolong tea bags are made in China

Oolong tea bags make in China and some in Taiwan. Most make with tea from Taiwan, called Tianili Oolong.

You can discover their Oolong tea bags based on their flavor, it has a distinctively unique twist on the tongue once you’ve drunk it. Most drinkers don’t use sweeteners like sugar or honey, as the opaque, bitter taste is what makes it really effective.

However, some Oolong tea bags, especially those that live in European and North American countries, may prefer to add a sweetener to it. Honey is a preferred sweetener as it is healthy. Using sweetener is not recommend if you drink it for weight loss.

There are different qualities of oolong tea bags. They are characterize by the color of adolescents. Dark oolong tea has a unique aftertaste, but if you prefer the aroma, green oolong tea is best.

Research shows that the polyphenol content in both green and dark is the same, except that dark oolongte has an extra kick due to its aftertaste. Most of the Japanese heavy drinkers prefer the dark.

Read on the labels which ones you prefer, as manufacturers label repackaged Oolong tea bags to your satisfaction.

oolong tea is half-fermented tea

We all know that oolong tea is half-ferment tea! They can vary in their aroma and opaque bitter taste. Chinese and Japanese tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Oolong tea is semi-ferment.

The production of these teas began during the famous Ming era, but became popular under the leadership of the Sung dynasty.

The production of oolong tea bags begins with the collection of the best buds and three tea leaves, then it is ferment. When the tea leaves are already seventy percent (70%) green and thirty percent (30%) red, it is the best time to stop fermentation.

Most often, the leaves have different degrees of semi-fermentation and are again divided into 5 qualities. The first class is the highest, base on its aroma and color, this is sold with the highest premium. The fifth grade is the lowest and is sold cheaply.

Then these leaves are pack in little tea bags and you have your Oolong tea bags!

If you want to buy the best quality, just check the label.

Historically, Oolong tea drink ceremonially, it began with the emperor’s table in the Ming era. Oolong tea was traditionally drink from a clay teapot with a dragon design most of the time, as this dragon brings you good luck and good news, so use a small teacup, completely different from London tea, we are used to drinking out of a demitasse head. . The Chinese teacup has no handle, and the reason for this is to warm the palms of your hands while drinking your Oolong tea.


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