Is Imperial Formosa Oolong Tea Available from India or Sri Lanka?

Fans of oolong tea complain about getting Imperial Formosa oolong tea. Because oolong tea is generally quite rare, many people will look at other sources to find their favorite oolong.

Oolong tea is produce in China

Oolong tea is produce in China, where oolong tea originates, Taiwan, and a small amount is produced in the Darjeeling region of India. Creating oolong tea is a labor-intensive process that cannot be control by large tea gardens that produce tea in a mechanize manner. This is why oolong tea can be rare and harder to find than some other teas.

To produce oolong tea, the gardener picks the tea leaves early in the day by hand when they are ready. This can mean several picks over several days, as it is critical that the leaves are pick at their exact time of readiness.

Next, the leaves are spread in the sun or in sheds to wither. They must be observe so that they move when the moisture is remove properly.

Then shake the leaves to get bruises on the edges. This blue marking causes the oxidation process to begin.

Some oolong teas are tumble every hour during the oxidation period.

The tea maker then wraps the leaves in cloth and forms a ball. The leaves are tumbled regularly for the rest of the oxidation period to ensure that the oxidation process is smooth. Some oolong teas are tumble every hour during the oxidation period.

When the oxidation period is over, when the leaves are approx. 30% fermented and approx. 70% green, inspect and pick out the leaves to ensure that the leaves do not stick together. Pouchong oolong teas, which come only from Taiwan, are often ferment only about 15%, giving them a taste that is much closer to green tea than other oolong teas.

The leaves are then fired to complete the oxidation process. In many belongings, oolong teas are enthusiastic complete charcoal, philanthropic them a bit of a cloudy zest. The leaves are then sort by grade and sent for packaging.

So as you can see, making oolong tea is time consuming which is why there is less of it around. Therefore, the Imperial Formosa oolong tea that you love may be harder to find. Thus the interrogation, “Container I propagate Majestic Formosa oolong tea from India or Sri Lanka?”

oolong tea from the Darjeeling province of India

Well, the short answer is “No”. You can get oolong tea from the Darjeeling province of India, know as Darjeeling oolong. Darjeeling oolong is a very sporadic and very wonderful oolong tea. However, it is not Imperial Formosa oolong tea.

Imposing Formosa oolong tea can only originated from Taiwan. Taiwanese tea is call all “Formosa” tea because Formosa was the original name of the country Taiwan. That’s why all Imperial Formosa oolong tea comes from Taiwan.

As with all other teas, the taste of Imperial Formosa oolong tea is largely influence by where it is grow. All teas get a good deal of their flavor from the soil they are grow in, as well as the climate of the region where they are grown. Even the type of trees that grow near the tea garden affects the taste of the tea produced there.

So the delicate blend of orange blossoms, chestnuts, dates and cedar that make Imperial Formosa an oolong tea cannot be copied with a tea grown elsewhere in the world.

Every region of the world produces teas that are uniquely flavorful, and that is one of the things that makes teas so varied and gives us so many unique flavors to choose from. Each part of the world is home to its own unique soil type, vegetation, climate and tea treatment methods. And all these variables combine to make each tea what it is.

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