How is Imperial Formosa Oolong Tea Graded?

If you are new to Imperial Formosa oolong teas, try them. Oolong tea is flavorful and fragrant with a more complex flavor than what you find in many other varieties of tea. And Imperial Formosa Oolong tea is one of the best available oolong teas. It is unlikely that you will find an oolong tea with more flavor or character than Imperial Formosa oolong tea.

Imperial Formosa Oolong tea is produce in Taiwan, as is all Formosa tea. The tea originates from China, but today Taiwan is the second largest after China in the amount of oolong tea produce each year.

Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea

Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea, making it something of a cross between green and black tea. This tea is ferment, just like black tea, but for a much shorter period of time. Oolong tea is thought to have been accidentally discover by a Chinese tea gardener name Wu Liang. Conferring to Chinese fairytale, Wu Liang was demanding amassing and dispensation tea shrubberies to type khaki tea when he saw a waterway deer. He stopped to kill and brew the venison and stopped his tea treatment for the day and forgot to dry the leaves. He recollect tea a day advance, but by that time it had started to transformation color, and Wu Liang was scare it had left bad, but absolute to dry it nevertheless. After finishing the aeration development, he steeped a beaker and create that he had fashioned a very appetizing and fragrant tea, and thus oolong was congenital.

Depending on the length of the fermentation, oolong tea may be closer to green tea in terms of color and flavor or closer to black tea. In addition, oolong tea is traditionally made from the largest leaves of the tea plant. These are the leaves that grow lower on the tea plant rather than the upper leaves. Some formosan oolong teas, known as pouchong teas, are ferment only. However, other Formosan oolong teas, including Formosa Imperial oolong tea, are approx. 30% fermented, just like Chinese oolong teas.

Taste of Imperial Formosa oolong tea

The taste of Imperial Formosa oolong tea may surprise you if you are not use to drinking oolong tea. This tea is full of nuances and improvements with insinuations of many diverse flavors. You will taste notes of orange, dates and chestnuts with a woody but sweet finish that hangs on the tongue. You may need to try this tea several times before you discover all the flavors it has to offer.

As with other teas, it is important to buy Imperial Formosa oolong tea of ​​good quality. The best quality is especially important with oolong tea so you can experience the full range of flavors. Fortunately, Taiwan tea is classified according to a very easy-to-understand system that really indicates the quality of the tea leaves you buy.

Oolong tea is made with larger tea leaves. When tea is classified in Taiwan, it is make from the size of the leaves after processing. Larger leaves with silver tips get a higher rating than crushed leaves. Taiwan’s tea qualities are as follows:

The best to choose


From fine to better


Penalty fee


Superior to fine

Fill up

Totally superior


I Superior

Good to superior


Completely good




Best qualities of oolongte

The best tea traders carry only the best qualities of oolongte. In particular, Imperial Formosan oolong tea is typically made only from Finest to Choice leaves, making it one of the highest qualities of Formosan oolong tea in the world. The lower qualities of leaves are usually found only in tea bags, which is another reason why it is recommend that you only choose loose tea when buying a flavor one.


In general, Formosan oolong loose tea is very good tea. Making oolong tea is a laborious process that is not usually perform in the tea gardens that mass produce their tea. To make the best oolongte, tea must be closely monitored to determine when it has reached the correct fermentation level, which often requires shaking or swirling at regular intervals while the tea is fermenting. Each batch of oolong tea is create with the attention of a tea merchant who can determine exactly when the batch is ready.



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