Oolong Tea – The Best Beverage in the World

The Best Beverage world has gotten a good export from Taiwan and it just doesn’t seem to have enough: Oolong tea. The largest producer of “Formosan oolong tea” in the world, Taiwan’s unique blend is consider the most delicious variety and one of the best beverages in the world.

“Oolong” deciphers to “black dragon” in Chinese

“Oolong” deciphers to “black dragon” in Chinese, the innovative household of this fine thirst-quencher, and is habitually call “Wu Long tea”, the name of its creator. Despite its literal translation, Oolong

is neither black nor green, and its fermentation time is shorter than that of the black variety. In color

and flavor, Oolong resembles green tea, but it is only made from the large leaves that grow further

down the plant, not from the top.

Formosan oolong tea has two varieties that differ according to the length of the fermentation period. Genuine Formosan oolong tea is similar to Chinese oolong tea. Both are ferment to approx. 30%

of its leaves are red and approx. 70% green. The leaves of the Formosan bag are closer to the green variety with approx. 15% red and 85% green.

For formosa oolong and posetes, the leaves are harvest early in the morning and allowed to dry

in the sun. The blue mark on the leaves starts the fermentation process. Tea artisans keep an eye

on its leaves, sometimes swirling or shaking them to speed up fermentation. Once the leaves are fermented to the proper amounts of green and red, the process is complete. This is then the perfect

time to soak a cup!

Imperial Formosa oolong Tea,

Imperial Formosa oolong, an intensely flavored tea, is consider to be of the highest quality in

the world. When ready, it has a golden hue and a crunchy flavor. The markedly weak flavor of the

orange and walnuts can be perceived, and the finish is woody with a sweetness that lingers.

Imperial Formosa oolong tea is rare and slightly more expensive than other blends. True connoisseurs agree that Imperial Formosa oolong has a unique flavor and a variety of nuances.

All oolong teas contain many antioxidants and are therefore healthy. Tea naturally has a large

amount of antioxidants, but varying degrees of fermentation can reduce the amount. Oolong blends

are only partially ferment, preserving several of the healthy antibiotics in their natural state. The shrubberies encompass a high near of polyphenols, a very commanding antioxidant. Polyphenols

have helped treat cancer and heart disease. Researchers have studied the health benefits of tea and believe that a lifelong drinker will live a longer, healthier life.

Oolong tea healthy supplement for weight loss

Oolong tea is also use as a healthy supplement for weight loss. This delicious drink contains

caffeine, which mixed with antibiotics speeds up metabolism and helps to oxidize fats. Research

has shown that oolong tea is different from other decaffeinate beverages. It does not raise your

heart rate or make you nervous and angular. This makes this a healthy alternative for those who

are sensitive to caffeine.

People who have tried a wide variety of teas will tell you that Imperial Formosa oolong is the most aromatic and flavorful tea in the world. Each mug offers you different shades! For a beginner to

this amazing drink, Imperial Formosa oolong is the most sophisticated introduction to tea you can



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