The Positive Facts About Oolong Tea And Weight Loss

Drinking tea as a weight loss aid has become a trend in the The Positive Facts About Oolong Tea And weight loss world. While most of the focus is on the weight reduction factors of green tea, oolong tea is actually a more effective option. This is the foremost motive for it.


Scientific data on the health benefits of Oolong tea

Chinese health buffs have long recognized that there is a link between eating oolong and reducing

fat. And in recent years, some studies have revealed various scientific facts behind these claims.

In the 1990s, a Chinese scientific study show that regular use of oolong for six weeks was the cause

of the reduction in obesity. The actual increase in fat oxidation from drinking this type of tea was truly incredible.

To shed more light on this particular ancient Chinese belief that associates this tea with weight loss,

the US Department of Agriculture conducted its own study on the energy consumption of oolong drinkers and people who drank plain water. during three days.

The study suggests that those who drank tea had a much higher energy intake and fat oxidation percentage (at least 3% more) and got rid of almost 67 additional calories every day compare to

water drinks.

Another study of this tea was conduct in 2003 by Japanese medical specialists. Their data indicates that the polyphenols in oolong tea, which are higher than in green tea, are substances that have

been show to increase the rate of fat burning.

Research has also revealed a large increase in energy consumption within two hours of the time

the tea was consume, promoting the use of fat as an energy source. As a result, he concluded that

this tea really is a great tool for maintaining and losing weight.

Diet and Oolong tea

In an attempt to understand how oolong will be helpful in weight management, it is certainly worth knowing the basic procedures for going on a diet.

Generally, dieting is simply about calories being absorb and calories being burn. Ideally, you

will have a faster metabolism or level at which your body burns fat and will also decrease the

number of calories you put in. We all assume that a very effective and meaningful diet plan includes proper exercise programs and balanced meals.

The link to weight loss

The two main strategies for reducing food-related body weight problems increase energy expenditure and discourage the body’s absorption of carbohydrates and fats.

These goals can best be achieve by drinking oolong considering that it contains many beneficial compounds that increase the body’s metabolism and, for that reason, increase energy consumption.


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