The World of Green Tea

Green tea is actually benefits of green tea

Although known in places like China and Japan for thousands of years. The green tea sensation is taking over countries in North America and Europe right now. This tea is now known and love for its mild flavor and incredible benefits. Green tea is actually enjoy with additional flavors. Such as honey and lemon or citrus. As an icy and sour beverage, and steam as other types of tea Despite its growing popularity. Some people don’t understand the benefits of green tea or what really justifies all the hype.

The truth is, green tea can provide some important health benefits while offering light. Refreshing taste that many people love. A closer look at green tea. How it is made. And the benefits can help clarify why this feeling is taking the world by storm. No matter how it’s consum. Green tea offers some benefits that other beverages simply can’t compete with.

Where does green tea come from benefits of green tea

Green tea is grown mainly in Asian countries. Where a plant call Camellia sinensis comes from. This particular plant is also us to make many of the varieties of black tea that people have consumed for thousands of years. Although both teams are made from the same basic plant. There are some important differences between the two in appearance. Taste. And health benefits. While the taste and appearance are what most people notice between green and black tea, the basic benefits of green tea over black are also very noteworthy. The different differences between green and black tea derive from the treatment involve in making each variety.

What distinguishes green tea from black benefits of green tea

The treatment involve in making black and green tea varieties varies widely. The end result is two different types of tea from the same plant. Green Tea – When the intention is to make green tea from Camellia sinensis leaves. The leaves are picked and then steam or heated almost immediately. These leaves are then drie to make tea. Green tea tends to undergo much less treatment than other types of tea. In fact. Green tea is considered one of the purest forms of tea used for human consumption. As with many other foods. The lack of processing makes all the difference in the nutrients and health benefits associated with the final product.


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